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The Shocking Pen Prank

Are looking for a great prank?

How about if you are trying to get back at your friend for playing a crazy prank on you? Maybe you are just trying to be funny and get a kick out of playing a prank on an unsuspecting victim.

No matter what the reason or occasion you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in a shock prank. When you think of a shock prank you might remember a buzzer.

True, this is one of the most used types of shock,shocking pranks played on most people, but there are several obvious ways you can do a shock trick without your target even suspecting it.
With all of the innovative technology today you do not have to perform the same tired pranks that everyone know about and tend to be quite well known. You can now add surprise fun to your pranking with an assortment of different products.

For that unaware coworker who always works at their computer, you can switch out their mouse with a shocking computer mouse. This is a real looking mouse that gives a shock to any computer user’s afternoon. If they are not very so tech savvy you can also pick from a shocking pen or an electric shock stapler.

Disguised as a regular pen, with the Shocking Pen Prank family members will get a shock with each click.
girl, pigtails, babyFor those who require a stapler on a regular basis, or maybe they tend to borrow yours, the shock stapler is a great way to give them a small shock to wake them up and surprise them for the morning.
There are also different types of shock pranks that you can do around the office without anyone being understanding to your intentions.

If you have someone who performs a variety of handy man duties then you might be interested in shocking utility knife or shocking tape measure. Both gives the appearance of being regular tools that one might employ in their toolbox, but when used they deploy a shock to whoever is handling them. There are other household items such as gum sticks, flashlights, pencils, nail clippers, and even a stack of quarters.

All of these things will help you complete whatever trick you had in your head. Shocking pranks are a great way to prank someone without worrying about if they will get harmed simply because of your prank since many are perfectly harmless.

Another awesome fact about shock pranks is that they will not cost you a lot. They are a surprising and cheap way to do a prank on someone and can be used over and over again. There is no limit to how often people you can prank with the same prank.

Such a menagerie of normal products that you usually find around the office or garage won’t alert others to the joke you are about to have on them. You can do your prank on family, friends, or coworkers without elaborate schemes, just a simple placement of the joke and your prank is perfect.
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The Shocking Pen Prank is by far my favorite shocking prank

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